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Master cylinders
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We produced our first master cylinder way back in 1972 and have steadily been working with improving the performance of our products. Today we have a wide range of various master cylinders, with everything from the very small rear master cylinder up to the latest addition � a radial racing master cylinder, with leverage adjustment.

Our master cylinders can also be used for operating hydraulic clutches. If you have a wire operated clutch we have matching levers for such clutches.

ISR have developed a much sought after range of handlebar clamp electronic switch assemblies. Now you can build a real clean looking handlebar with these integrated switches.

21-014-OA Radial master cylinder
  Product list:
  21-005   Master cylinder
  21-006   Master cylinder
  21-009   Master cylinder, Rear
  21-010   Master cylinder, Rear
  21-011   Master cylinder
  21-012   Radial master cylinder, Adjustable
  21-013   Radial master cylinder, Custom
  21-014   Radial master cylinder, Racing
  21-028   Master cylinder, Rear
  21-137   Adjustable lever
  71-003   Clutch lever (wire), Harley Davidson
  71-004   Clutch lever (wire), Universal
  73-100   Handlebar clamp switch assemblies

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