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No matter if you�re riding an ultra fast 800 bhp drag bike or if you�re riding a true chopper with no front brake � ISR have the calipers for you.

The top of the line is the monoblock six piston caliper that we started to develop in the late -80�s, with customers like Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey and the Yamaha factory racing team. The latest version features improved stiffness and special cooling ducts.

For the clean choppers we have calipers suitable for our sprocket brake discs. Furthermore, our new slim looking 4-piston caliper doesn�t have to be used together with our ISR hubs, it looks just as good on a bike with any other type of hub.

22-032 6-piston caliper
  Product list:
  22-023   Universal caliper
  22-025   4-Piston caliper
  22-026   Sprocket caliper
  22-027   2-Piston caliper, Rear
  22-028   2-Piston caliper
  22-029   2-piston caliper with integral bracket, Rear
  22-030   2-piston caliper, with or without integral bracket, Rear
  22-032   6-Piston caliper
  22-033   2-Piston caliper, Harley Davidson
  22-034   6-Piston caliper
  22-043   4-Piston caliper
  22-044   6-Piston caliper
  22-046   6-Piston sprocket caliper
  22-047   4-Piston caliper
  22-048   4-Piston caliper
  22-049   2-Piston caliper
  22-051   4-Piston sprocket caliper
  22-052   6-Piston

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